Beware of Vladimir Putin's threats to invade the Baltics and provoke a new war in Europe, they should be taken seriously," warned former CIA director David Petraeus in an interview with The Sun. General David Petraeus is adamant that Russian President Vladimir Putin "will not be satisfied with just stopping at Ukraine." The retired four-star American general, who commanded allied forces in Iraq, has stated that Ukraine's Western allies need to do more to help win the war against Putin. Experts have repeatedly warned that the Russian president has set his sights on more targets in his insane dream to regain the lost empire. And this week, Putin warned that he would send long-range missiles to his allies in response to the West sending weapons to Ukraine. In an interview with The Sun, Petraeus stated that Putin has been "very clear" about starting a new war in Europe. The world "must listen to Putin" as he "tells us what he believes," warned the former CIA chief. Petraeus pointed out, "The war in Ukraine could expand in the region if Putin succeeds in Ukraine. He will not be satisfied with just stopping at Ukraine. Moldova is likely to be next. Then it could be Lithuania or any other Baltic state." Earlier this year, David Petraeus told CNN that "if Vladimir Putin achieves his goals in Ukraine, Russia will 'pivot' towards Moldova or one of the Baltic states.